I’m passionate about access to healthcare in Africa, specifically the development of emergency care. My interest in the emergency care system includes barriers to access care, barriers to render care and how we can improve these so that we can develop sustainable emergency care systems.
Within emergency care I have worked as lecturer, facilitator, paramedic, remote site medic, nurse manager, LEAN Advisor and health facilities planner. I’ve been involved in a number of projects across Africa including Angola, Zambia, Tanzania, Uganda, the DRC and South Africa.
I’m registered as critical care nurse, midwife, community nurse, psychiatric nurse and general nurse. Volunteer work includes flight nurse on fixed and rotor wing and the operational management of a volunteer ambulance service. I’ve completed studies in management and business studies (BTech and MBA). At the moment I’m working towards a PhD in Emergency Medicine.
In short about me…I work fulltime within healthcare, my hobby is healthcare, and in my free time I volunteer within healthcare. I travel for work in Africa and this is connected to healthcare. I seriously need a life 😊
My main themes are access to emergency care, Africa, system strengthening














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