Inspiring ICU….

I was honoured to be invited to speak at the Inspiring ICU Critical Care Congress last week.  My plan was to attend one or two talks and that’s it…I ended up being there for the duration of the Congress.  It was absolutely inspiring. For a few reasons:

– I always thought that Emergency Medicine is leading the way….but I changed my mind….Critical Care is leading the concept of multidisciplinary inputs.  There was physiotherapists and nurses speaking in the main stream.  Most streams consisted of a combination of disciplines hosting and speaking.  It integrated disciplines and described the patient management as shared amongst specialities.  (Not to mention that it described the patient as one)

– Nursing (and other allied health workers) publications and work in end of life care, vital signs, pain scales and numerous other topics was referred during physician’s talks. Apologies if I offend anybody, but in most other conferences I’ve attended the tendency has been that disciplines only refer to research done in their disciplines creating an “us versus them” mentality

– I’ve not attended any other congress where people referred to other people’s talks so many times.  It felt as if everyone was making notes and paying attention

– Improvement was mentioned….all of the time…in most streams….

This was just a short impromptu blog.  I’m inspired….

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