Management consultants are a diaspora

Consultants Mind

I was reading an article in the Economist about immigrant diasporas.  Overseas Chinese, Indians, and Jews are a few examples of tight-knit, highly-educated, geographically-dispersed groups, who are extremely successful and make things happen.  The article argues that these small groups create leverage through trust, ambition, and innovation here.

There are more Chinese people living outside China than there are French people in France.    – The Economist

Economist US and Chinese Diaspora

ex-Consultants are a diaspora.  I know this might be a stretch, but I see ex-management consultants (those who left the Big 3 or Big 4) as a diaspora.  We started off together in consulting firms, but now many of us are scattered to the wind – in most every industry and geography you can imagine.  I see in that 9 years after big 4 start-class, only 1/3 are in consulting, and 2/3 have joined the corporate world.

Ex-consultants reminisce about…

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